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Eye Test

Eye Examination
Exam examination at Watchfield Opticians

Eye Test

We will perform a range of checks to look at various aspects of your eyes from how well you see to a full check of the health of your eyes and we will look out for signs which indicate your general health and whether you are at risk of conditions such as diabetes.

For a comprehensive eye exam & detailed assessment of your overall eye health. Contact us to book and appointment, you will be amazed at what we can see!



OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina allowing us to check for early signs of glaucoma or macular degeneration before other more standard tests can detect these.

Optos – uses laser imaging to compile a very high-definition image of the retina, not only does it create a 3D image, but it also extends to 80% of the retina rather than a more conventional 20% as is common with traditional equipment.

With both these imaging techniques we produce a digital baseline which can be compared to future results, making early diagnosis of any changes easier.

OCT & OPTOS with Watchfield Opticians
Contact Lenses
Contact lenses at Watchfield Opticians

Contact Lenses

Advances in contact lens technology mean that they can now be more comfortably and safely worn for longer periods of time. 

We offer a full assessment of the suitability of wearing contact lenses including training in the handling and care of them and an opportunity to try them at home.

We also offer routine contact lens checks for current wearers to ensure that your contact lenses are healthy and clear for you.

Myopia Management

Myopia Management

Myopia or short-sightedness typically starts in childhood and usually requires glasses or contact lenses to see the detail on a whiteboard or tv.

Short sightedness in 10–16 year-olds has more than doubled in the last 60 yrs. 

It is thought that spending more time outdoors may help delay the onset of short sightedness.  

There are some clinically proven options that can slow the rate of myopia progression such as MiSight 1 day. This lens looks and feels like any other daily disposable soft contact lens, but it has a special optical design which is proven to slow down the speed at which short sightedness progresses.

Children as young as 8yrs can successfully and comfortably benefit from wearing contact lenses.

Mi Sight by Watchfield Opticians
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