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Watchfield Opticians range of eyewear
Spectace Frames

Spectacle Frames

Whether classic style or latest trends we have a great range of frames to choose from to suit everyone ranging from basic to designer styles. There are modern, quirky, and traditional ranges to choose from as well as glasses for sports and sunglasses.

We now carry many ranges that have been developed with the environment in mind using eco-friendly materials and created using better manufacturing techniques.

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Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle Lenses

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ZEISS has been our main supplier of lenses for many years. The innovative strength and extensive optical expertise of ZEISS has played a central role in shaping the eyeglasses industry since 1912.  Crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques ZEISS premium lenses are designed to offer clear sharp and comfortable vision every day.

  • Single vision lenses for clear distance, intermediate or near to suit your need.

  • Progressive lenses for people who have different prescription at distance and near all in 1 pair of lenses.

  • Specific lenses designed to improve visual comfort when using computers, digital and mobile devices or when driving.

All ZEISS lenses include full UV protection as standard and coatings to improve scratch resistance and reduce reflections.

Watchfield Opticians using Zeiss technology
Sun Glasses


We have an extensive range of sunglasses from many popular brands such as Ray ban, Oakley, Ted Baker, Christian Lacroix, Wolf, and others. These may be purchased as seen or you may prefer them made with your own prescription in them.


All ZEISS lenses include full UV protection as standard.​

Sunglasses selection at Watchfield Opticians

There are lots of lens tints available.  Dark grey or brown tints are popular choices but there are many others such as green, blue or the fashionable mirror coating.  Add a polarising filter which blocks the horizontal element of light responsible for glare such as from roads or water which will then provide you with enhanced contrast and visual comfort.

Another option would be to choose PhotoFusion lenses.  These are self-tinting lenses that adapt quickly to changing light conditions enabling your choice of glasses to change from being clear whilst indoors and then turning to sunglasses when outdoors in bright light.


Our staff will be pleased to help match you to the most appropriate lens type for your individual needs.

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